(Also, your sidebar navigation is broken - I had to manually enter '/ask' to the end of the URL.)

I noticed… Hhhh… Does anyone know anything about html. I dont know how to fix this, and I really enjoy this theme otherwise 

Is there any place the old posts are archived? I think it's really great that you're coming back and all - the only reason I ask is because I always feel sad when askblogs get deleted. I understand why people do it, but I always feel like a part of history has been lost, one that will never return.

I used to have all my own previous art from Gakku in this folder, but I had to fix my laptop and it got deleted, sooo I dont really have anything :I sorry

Mod Change Note (Reupload)

Hello there! I am the new mod (also previous mod and creator of this ask blog) MScoot (Call me Scoot) I grabbed the chance to get my bby back hahah! It is of course sad to see the previous mod leave, but I am really thankful that you took care of Gakku. 

I won’t start posting right away, because my tablet has died on me… And I’m having some real trouble with money. There is a lot of things I need to save up money for. I have only planned to start this blog from scratch. This blog will still be like a random blog, with silly ask and replies, no deep story or anything like that. I have deleted every post on this blog, and I’ve also changed the theme and done some changes.

I hope you guys don’t mind it too much that I’m coming back, and feel free to already start asking questions. (Remember that I’ll start from scratch, soo Gakku doesn’t really have any relationship to anyone yet, not even friendship) 


Take care! 

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask me here as well!